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Fred Walker
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21-02-10, 07:16 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: T3 Other Investments"
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Nor sure why you are not using a "slip", but if it is NOT Foreign tax, then it will be on Line 86.

From the T4013:

Lines C, D, and 86 Total tax deducted....

If tax was withheld on any income earned by the trust,
enter the amount of tax withheld on line C. Attach
information slips if they are available. If an information slip
is not available, attach a statement from the issuer,
indicating the income reported and the tax withheld.
Do not allocate the tax that was withheld to the


If you go to Line C - page 4 and "spacebar"....this will open up the screen for T3OTHDED. The tax can be entered there.



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