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2. "RE: New to VisualTax - other user input"
In response to message #1
   >Hi Ken,
>I switched over to VT last yr after many yrs with Profile
>and Cantax.
>I have had NO troubles with the T1 or T2 programs at all.
>Like Fred (the forums' resident Guru) suggested in another
>post, download the trial version and play with it. You will
>be impressed!!! Not to mention the price point for the
>bundle can't be beat!
>Good luck!

As a (former T2)Profile user I agree with both Dave and Fred. I have also used Cantax and now trying DR TAX and purchased VT, it beats all others hands down, it even pointed out a few errors in my Profile (which it seems Profile didn't) DR TAX you would have to be HOUDINI to understand it and use it. ALL I CAN SAY AT THIS POINT IT'S A GREAT SOFTWARE! The price is a BONUS!!!

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